Beginner’s Dictionary of Contemporary International Relations


Brief description of the Beginner’s Dictionary of Contemporary International Relations:

As if by some natural law, international politics is an ever-changing process of states and non-state actors going about pursuing their diverse and sometimes conflicting and sometimes converging interests; but some factors, patterns and insights remain unmoved, or in the very least remain relevant both for assessing the present and prognosticating the future. Objectively and accessibly written, the Beginner’s Dictionary of Contemporary International Relations unpacks the origins and occurrences of the  following in a manner that allows the reader to be able to formulate or improve on their understanding of modern international relations:

  • Past and contemporary events and policies which have shaped and continue to shape present-day international politics and international political economy.
  • International organisations and movements whose activities have had an influence in international relations in both the political and economic spheres.
  • Transnational issues currently facing today’s statesmen and the global community at large, including conflict, nuclear proliferation, human rights matters and economic development.
  • Personalities involved in international relations scholarship and in policymaking who have shaped and are perhaps presently shaping international politics.
  • Theories, concepts and models of representing, understanding, and perhaps conducting international relations.