Welcome to my website!

My name is Bhaso Ndzendze. I am a University of Johannesburg-based Political Scientist working on African trade and territorial disputes. My research, supervision and teaching focus on how territorial disputes and wars impact intra-continental trade and Africa’s global trade with the rest of the world. My work looks at disputes within the continent (e.g., Eritrea-Ethiopia, Kenya-Somalia, and Morocco-Western Sahara) as well as those outside of it (e.g., the Taiwan straits, Russia-Ukraine, and the Sino-Indian border) with the aim of testing and generating new theoretical insights offered by these dynamics.


As a researcher, I have an NRF rating and have published multiple books, book chapters, journal articles, and opinion articles on global politics with a focus on international territorial disputes, trade and technologies. More details on my research are here and my list of publications is here.


I teach courses on Key Issues in International Relations; Africa’s Defining Moments (Interstate Wars); Militarisation of African Politics; International Political Economy, and Africa-China Relations at the Department of Politics and International Relations at the University of Johannesburg (UJ). I have previously taught International Law in International Relations.


I am an Associate Professor and have served as the Head of Department (HoD) at the Department of Politics and International Relations at UJ and also Head of the 4IR and Digital Policy Research Unit (4DPRU) within the Department of Politics and International Relations. The 4DPRU was established on 1 November 2021. My other affiliations include the Africa Policy Research Institute (APRI) in Berlin, Germany, where I am a research fellow with a focus on geopolitics and technology. 

I am honoured to serve as Deputy Editor in Chief of the Journal of Contemporary African Studies and to be an Advisory Council Member of CASAC (the Council for the Advancement of the South African Constitution).

Find me on Twitter @PolsciBhaso.