Bhaso Ndzendze — Researcher in International Political Economy

Current Research


My research lies in the following areas:

  • Hegemonic stability theory
  • Democratic peace thesis
  • Rational choice theory
  • Chinese foreign policy
  • International relations of the Asia-Pacific region
  • Chinese economy
  • BRICS stock market integration
  • Economic development and international trade
  • Transnational terrorism
  • The international political economy of energy
  • Domestic-foreign policy interactions
  • Geography: trade, foreign policy, conflict and global politics

Research Projects

  • Histories and economic implications of the One China policy on Africa-China/Taiwan relations (book)
  • Interstate African War and Peace, 1976-2016 (monograph)
  • Terrorism in East Africa (series)
  • EU, US agricultural tariffs (report)
  • Advanced political science and international relations theory (course)
  • See a list of my publications for work that has already been published.

Research Notes