Bhaso Ndzendze — Researcher in International Political Economy

About Bhaso Ndzendze



Master of Arts (International Relations), cum laude, The University of the Witwatersrand, 2018

  • Thesis: An Opportunity Cost Analysis of the Africa-One China Nexus, 2001-2016

Doctor of Philosophy (International Relations), in progress, The University of the Witwatersrand, 2019-2020

  • Thesis: Explaining East Africa’s Interstate Wars, 1977-2000: Towards a Typological Theory?


See list of selected publications here.

Work Experience

Current Position(s):

Lecturer and Research Director, University of Johannesburg Centre for Africa-China Studies

Since 2017

Previous Position(s):

  • Research Assistant to the Senior Director: Strategic Initiatives and Administration, University of Johannesburg (2017-18)
  • Research Associate, International Enterprise Singapore (2017)
  • Researcher. Korean Embassy in South Africa (2016-2017)
  • Editor-in-Chief, The Wits Independent student paper (2015-17)

Conferences, Panels and Guest Lectures

  • ‘The Three Great Experiments in World Peace, 1919-Present’, Wits University (26 April 2018).
  • ‘Understanding China’s Interest in Africa’, Wits University (12 May 2018).
  • ‘Traditional Authority and Customary Law in Post-1994 South Africa’, South African Historical Association (HASA, 19-22 June 2018).
  • ‘Post-Reform Chinese and South African Entrepreneurships in Comparative Perspective, 1978-2018: Congruence Analyses’, 2018 Forum on China-South Africa Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship (Jinha City, Zhejiang Province, P.R. China; 25 June, 2018).
  • ‘China’s Belt and Road Initiative: Linkages with the African Union’s Agenda 2063 in Historical Perspective’, University of Zimbabwe (24 August, 2018).
  • ‘The Cuban Missile Crisis’, Wits University (6 September, 2018).
  • ‘The Pre-Origins, Rise and Fall of ISIS’, Wits University (3 October, 2018).

Seminars Organised

  • Book Launch of Chuma Nwokole’s The Extinction of the Manai, 27 Nov. 2017. Participants: Professor Chuma Nwokole (Keynote Speaker), Raphael D’Abdon (Respondent).
  • ‘South Africa-China Relations at Twenty: Key Lessons for the Next Decade’, 16 Mar. 2018. Participants: Fmr. Dep. Minister of Foreign Affairs (South Africa) Ambassador Aziz Pahad, Ambassador Lin Songtian (Keynote Speaker), Dr Bob Wekesa (1st Respondent), Professor Garth Shelton (2nd Respondent).
  • ‘The Battle of the Giants: Shifting Sino-US Relations — Implications for Africa’, 11 May 2018. Participants: Professor Wang Dong (Keynote Speaker), Dr Henry Sun (Guest Speaker), Sanusha Naidu (Respondent).
  • ‘The New Cold War?’, 30 May 2018. Participants: Prof Alex Mezyaev (Keynote Speaker), Dr Essop Pahad (Respondent).
  • ‘Satellite Cooperation: The Next Frontier of Sino-African Relations’, 11 Jun. 2018. Participants: Dr Zhu Ming (Keynote Speaker), Professor Arthur Mutambara (Respondent).
  • ‘Progressive or Neoliberal?: South African Economic Since 1994’, 23 July 2018. Participants: Professor Mongane Wally Serote (Chair), Fmr. Minister of Public Enterprises Alec Erwin (Keynote Speaker), Fmr. Minister in the Presidency Dr Essop Pahad (Respondent).

Awards and Honors

  • 2019 Mail & Guardian Young 200 (Education)
  • Walter and Albertina Sisulu Prize in International Relations (2017/18)
  • Korean Essay Contest, Wits University (2016)
  • Korean Essay Contest, South Africa (2016)
  • University Entrance Award, Wits University (2013)
  • Certificate of First Class: Introduction to International Relations (2013)
  • Certificate of First Class: History (2014)
  • Certificate of Merit: Psychology (2014)
  • Certificate of First Class: South African Politics and Governance (2014)
  • Certificate of First Class: International Political Economy (2014)
  • Certificate of First Class: Conflict, Stability and the State in Postcolonial Africa (2015)
  • Certificate of First Class: Introduction to Comparative Politics (2015)
  • Certificate of First Class: East Asia (2016)
  • Certificate of First Class: Transnational Issues in International Politics (2016)
  • Certificate of First Class: Intermediate International Political Economy (2016)
  • Certificate of First Class: IR Theory and Research Methods (2016)